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Since most people don't stop to post "thank yous", let me officially thank ALL of you - in behalf of myself, and most likely hundreds of others.


(Here's my story)

I was on SWIPEBID'S web site recently -- hot and raring to sign on and sign up. I was "jump up & down" excited about the possibility of picking up one of those coveted Apple IPads for a song! (At least SWIPEBID'S honest about one thing: their NAME = "SWIPE" BID. They DO swipe).

Their name alone should have clued me in, but it didn't. Nope, I was just too pumped up about the prospect of getting so much for. . . well, for next to NOTHING!

.......(pause)....... (eyebrows rise).... My pumped heart started to slow,.... and I caught myself holding my breath,..... involuntarily,.....trying to WISH away the paranoid thought now bouncing around my head -- in my husband's voice, no less. It was one of his favorite sayings from "the glass is half empty" side of his brain. I know this because according to him, I don't have one. (A pessimistic side, not a brain) (albeit he may beg to differ about that too at times).

"Remember the old adage, Shari", his silent message echoed in my mind,........ "IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS".

"Naahhhhh", I argued with myself, "Surely, they must really NEED to clean overstocked items." "And I really DID win the Italian lottery, Right?"

(Oh gosh, maybe I don't have a brain!)

Well I do fancy myself to be at least of average intelligence if not above average, so it never ceases to amaze me how easily my mind clouds over when I WANT to BELIEVE something.

A small byte of clarity must have snuck through the haze momentarily, because I decided to google "SWIPEBID" before making a commitment. I found this web site, and the rest is history. After getting over the initial SHOCK that my IPad dreams were also history, I found myself humbled, a bit chagrin, and indeed very very grateful.

I'm truly sorry for all your losses, but thanks again for sharing to spare others.



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Exactly! the same thing happened to me...I was just about to bid for an ipad, and decided to check for SCAMS, which led me to this site!

So glad I checked! :?


Exactly what happened to me...was ready to bid for an ipad, and it struck me! Scam??...found this site and so glad I did!!

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