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I was referred to this website by another advertisement, when I tried to exit it continued to freeze my screen.

In reading the company and its purpose of usage, I understood a membership of $159 would allow bidding opportunity.

My bank account notified me of the charges that were immediately removed from my account, as I was trying to connect with a representative I was placed on hold several times and no one would acknowledge any error on their part.

I then began to research the company of Swipebids aka SwipAuctions, and found many complaints, such as my experience on their various websites. The other website that linked me was JumboAuction which I can no longer locate.

I will continue my quest to assure my funds are returned, BBB will also be notified, as to my dissatisfaction, and deceitfulness.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #189882

Lets figure this out 150 bucks for 300 bids, evey bid we make, lifts the price up for the item 1 cent only. Lets say it is a $100.00 item that reached $35.00 when you finally won it.

Now count up your bids. How many bids did you do? 50 bids, ok. That would be 25 dollars that you just spent in bids plus the 35 dollars.

With shipping 75.00. Savings? 25.00.....Concider yourself fortunate cause you saved a little money. You are not going to win all your auctions so you literally will be throwing your money away.

Now lets look at the profits for this crooked scheming company. It sold for the 35.00 the bids excelled to the cost at $ .50 every bid which went up a penny a bidder. That is 3 thousand 5 hundred bids multipied by $ .50, which grab your calculator, equalls $1750.00. here is the magic addition 1,750 bidding income plus 35.00 final winning price = $1,785.00.

$1785.00 minus $100.00 item we will not get into there actual cost it is over wellming enough as it is. Total profit will excede $1,685.00 for a 100 dollar item.

Profit percentage for the steal us blind company 1,685%

If this is not stealing it is just *** people that can not read write or type which they probably would not be on the internet in the first place.

So it leaves us amart people left to get together and just say no. Best thing to do is not sign up and save the hassel of getting your money back.

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