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I am so pissed off at swipebids. I was in a auction for 1000 bids that basically just started.

At that time I had used up 123 bids. Anyway, during the auction the timer stops at 8 seconds and just gave the win to whoever last bid and not letting the timer go down to zero. Is this fair, no!!!! After going around and around with the reps, who by the way don't know what they are talking about, I did not get anywhere.

Their response is either what is the auction ID or our data base seems to be working fine. How could they determine if the timer was working properly if they don't review the prior auction? Last night the same thing happened and I only hope the other bidders made a voice in this matter because something has to be done about this.

You get no refund or credit for the lost bids during that auction, so there you are holding the bag and no closer to solving the issue than a man in the moon. Have any suggestions?

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Dude swipebids is a scam. The only thing you can actually win is $10 walmart gift cards.

You'll win them for $3 then pay $5 for shipping. You're bidding against bots, there are no actual people bidding against you.

It's the biggest scam ever. Do some online research before you get yourself into these things.

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