Iliamna, Alaska
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they said I had bought 300 bid two more times for a $150 each (which I did not do) when I complained they wouldnt give me my money back.

Because they said I clicked on it. But again I didnt.

I got sucker on the joining and scammed for300 more. What recourse do we have?? I hope they dont deduct money every month. Is it that tyoe of scam where you have to unenroll or they keep taking money??

If so how can you unenroll. There should be someone that you can contact to complain about scams like this so they cant screw more people.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I too was duped into thier instant deduction...

i immediately called my card issuer and spoke with them and they said the charge was pending so they had to wait for it to clear to dispute it which was fine with me...

i then contacted SwipeBids and spoke to one of thier CS reps.. immediately she asked if i hit the selection of bid pack button because by default it is set to 300 bids at 150 each... i told her i did not see any such tool on the site and proceeded to walk through the sign up process with her once again... and low and behold there was a drop down box on the left hand side of the screen separate from the sign up form. but it was there and i was completely unaware of its existance until she pointed it out to me, i then asked her to refund my purchase and i would then proceed to buy a lower pack, she said NO Refunds as it is our company policy, i asked her if it was the company policy to not have the selection drop down separate from the sign up form to deceive new users, she said no and started back pedalling when i mentioned getting my lawyer to look into the "Company policy" so she offered me half of my money back to which i said no its either all or nothing at all and i would see her in court under subpoena... she then said just because shes in a nice giving mood she would remove the charge from going through because it hasn't been processed yet, so i would see my money back in the account within 24-72 hours... so basically you have to actually get in thier faces in order to get your money back if you were duped into the default bid package...

but i got my money back and they also gave me 60 extra free bids to keep me on thier site... i have yet to return there lol...

i hope you 2 each get your cases resolved as well but once they have your money it is almost impossible to get it back, luckily i called within 20 minutes of signing up and was able to over turn it quickly, only took about an hour of saying no no no no, talk to my lawyer, no no no no...


I was charged $159.00 that I did not authorize on my card. I called the bank and cancelled the card so they can't charge any more.

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