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All I did to the best of my knowledge was put my information down and that bought me 300 bids for $150.00 They could be upfront with what they do. Now I can not even get back on that site, to click onto the chat site, which according to the number I dialed to cancel, is the only way to get it cancelled. Have I been taken, yes, have I been scammed, yes.

Anyone, if you have a solution, please let it be know. Sites like need to erased from the internet. The cancellation number that was given on the site is 866-389-3870. According to the company they can only cancel the monthly charge of $11.95 This also was a surprise to me for I did not read anywhere of a monthly charge.

To all, be careful of your very hard earned money. Companies like Swipebids will take your $$$ at a blink of an eye.

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I too have been taken for 300.00 because of their deception. When I found out that I was charged $150 because I had "timed out" and they chose a pkg for me....

thanks alot. then a pop up came about bids and when I tried to close the pop up they charged me another $150..... this company needs to be investigated as a scam ...

they may have a legal stand but not an ethical one.....

the phone number only gets you back to the chat person who reads a standard statement about their lawyers... oh they did cancel the 11.95 monthly charge that I didn't even know about.....


same things happened to me. i will have my card co.

do a "reverse charge." these rip off companies don't like that. the card companies will cut them off with but a few of these reverse charges. please do that.

your card co. will not charge you for not paying as long as in dispute......please do it.


Ihad the same thing happen. no where, did it mention $150.00 until they had already charged me.

Now, i noticed from another complaint something about an $11.95 monthly charge. This is also news to me. I will have a "reverse charge" done on my credit card.

If they receive only a very few of these reverse charges, the card companies will stop doing business with them. Please do this.


In the begining of may 2010 spamed me with their ad and I thought I was signing for a free month trial. When I found I was being charged $300.00 on my credit card I asked them to please refund me and that I have been diagnosed with alzheimers and make mistakes.

They kept refusing and finally said they'd give me half back but I should use my bids to try and win. Because I thought they were legit I went along with it and kept buying bids to try and get something to sell to get my money back. Now I'm out about $1,500.00 and feel I've been robbed! I've put in complaints to the internet fraud dept of the F.B.I.

and Royal Mounted Police Fraud Dept.

but recieve no answers! I'm disabled and on a fixed income!....Big Scam!


the same thing happen to me, I demand a refund, you are correct no where while registering did it say a 150.00 will be charged to your credit card. i read the terms and conditions and not anywhere did it stat I would be charged 150.00 I also am filing a complaint with the bbb and the attorney general in my state. with deception and fraud I too only wanted to register for future bidding as I do with Ubid and other FREE bidding sites, why would I want to pay to bid on anything, it is a waste of time calling them here is the number if you got scammmed customer service oe swipebids Good Luck 866-389-3870


you just have to out smart them:

1) contact your credit card provider and dispute the transaction

2) record all your activities/bidding history everyday for at least 30 days from when you signed up...this will be your backup plan since they have 30 days money back guarantee which is false but worth a try...for my case, i noticed that my bidding history are deleted everyday so i reported it thru their "Found a Glitch?" link...ever since, they stopped deleting my bidding history

3) pray that your $150 will be returned :sigh

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